Wichita, KS

We drove to Wichita in a raging blizzard, taking twice the normal time to get there from St. Louis. The day before, I had a bout of food poisoning and hadn't yet recovered. Fortunately Judy, my assistant, and John, our other painter, were along.

It took four days to draw and paint the labyrinth. I was no help at all. Sick the whole time. I tried to paint but my hand was too shaky. The labyrinth was placed on the floor of the new gymnasium that was still under construction. There were also basketball lines, although the centerline was omitted.

Using two different colors, it's a matter of focus. For basketball, note the black lines. For walking the labyrinth, note the gray lines. Both Judy and John collect antique electric fans. As we left to drive home, I surprised them by stopping at a nearby fan museum. Actually, it was quite impressive. Later, near Kansas City, we stopped at an antique mall and John bought a very nice antique fan.

But we're supposed to be talking about labyrinths. Because there was construction dust everywhere, the varnishers decided to clean the floor, using a big piece of power equipment. It damaged the work that we had just done. So often that happens at construction sites. These photos were prior to the varnishing.


John painting.


Judy painting.

But no photo of Robert painting.