Memphis, TN

This labyrinth was constructed in August, during temperatures of 100 degrees. The concrete was probably 120 degrees. After suffering for most of a week, we switched to working at night. The temperature was cooler, but the lights attracted lots of bugs.

This was an AllDeck installation. The AllDeck system involves covering the concrete with fiberglass mats impregnated with resin and then coating them with acrylic. The pattern is then painted with a contrasting color of acrylic. Although very thin, it gives a look and feel different from bare concrete. (See Here is a pdf Gallery sheet on All Deck.

These photos were taken some three years later, when the building was occupied and other amenities added to the labyrinth, including a gazebo (for shade), benches, a sculptured bell tower, and landscaping.

The labyrinth was provided by Wings Cancer Foundation, located at West Clinic in Memphis. Wings is an exemplary program for supporting cancer patients with a number of services, all provided without charge.


After finishing chemotherapy, some patients walk the labyrinth with a bouquet of yellow balloons and then ring the bell as a symbol of their accomplishment.